Petty and small-minded

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States Español: Escudo del Presidente de los Estados Unidos Македонски: Печат на Претседателот на Соединетите Американски Држави. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack and family are on vacation this week and Chris Hayes and Bill O’Reilly were on vacation last week, so naturally Barack’s time away from the White House was discussed by both men. Continuing the FOX News policy of petty and small-minded 24/7 criticism of everything the President says and does, Bill O’Reilly criticized the expense of the President’s vacation. Putting the trip in context, Chris Hayes listed the days of vacation of Presidents Reagan to Obama. Only Bill Clinton had taken fewer days of vacation at this point in his presidency. Ronald Reagan took a lot more vacation days at his ranch, and GW Bush took roughly 4 times as many days of vacation as President Obama has taken to date. Considering the difference in the quality of information offered, I wonder why anyone watches O’Reilly when they could be watching Chris Hayes at the same hour.


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English: United States President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as Vice President Joe Biden looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throw enough mud against a wall and some of it will stick. That seems to be the GOP operating method to halt the Democrats in Congress from accomplishing the Obama agenda. Even if none of the mud sticks, and it hasn’t, the media and the public are distracted from real events. Who really cares about or even remembers the GOP inspired pseudo-scandals:

  1. Fast and furious
  2. Solyndra
  3. Benghazi
  4. IRS ?


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Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del Cielo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some Republicans are opposed to comprehensive immigration reform because they say they do not trust the Federal government to secure the border if the law is passed. They point to 1986 as an example of government bad faith and resultant amnesty. They fail to mention that the GOP was in the White House for the following SIX years: Ronald Reagan for two years and GHW Bush for four years. Republicans are saying that you can’t trust the Federal government when they are in power and you can’t trust the Federal government when they are out of power because they will do everything in their power in Congress to block effective governmental action. We just can’t trust the GOP. My solution: don’t put Republicans in office in the White House or in Congress. If we reduce their numbers sufficiently, they will not be a factor in preventing the Federal government from working for all of us.

Please see Amnesty


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shares a ...

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shares a laugh with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney during his farewell parade at the Pentagon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is to report a missing person, Truth N’Politics, first noticed missing a short time after September 11, 2001, near the White House in Washington, DC. She is five feet, five inches tall, brown hair, blue eyes, 125 pounds, and walks with a slight limp. Her friends in the Democratic Party are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her safe return.

It is feared that she may have been the victim of foul play instigated by the former Sheriff of Washington, George W. Bush. He and his retired Deputy, Dick Cheney, may have played a part in her disappearance from the Washington scene. If you see either the Sheriff or his Deputy, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to restrain them. Call 911 immediately. They are both believed to be armed and dangerous. Sheriff George is known to be a good shot with his favorite weapon, the 6-shooter. Deputy Dick is not a good shot, but he compensates for that with his shotgun.

With your help, we hope to find Truth N’Politics and restore her to her accustomed place in our political life in Washington.

Please see Who shot the sheriff?

Sequester cuts

English: TSA insignia

English: TSA insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sequester cuts are starting to be felt around the country and the GOP are trying to blame the Obama administration for the pain, beginning with White House tours and continuing today with airport delays. It is very hard for the average person to determine how and where the cuts are applied in the budgeting process, but that is one reason we have media who have the time and expertise? to dig into the details. They exist to inform, except on FOX.

This morning, I listened to a commentator say that the 2% sequester translate into a 10% cut in salary and hours for some airport and TSA personnel over the next 5 months. That will lead to some flying delays for the general public, but not for the 1% and Congress who usually fly on private jets. I saw one comment recently by an anonymous 1%-er, “Only losers fly commercial.” With that attitude common? among our leaders, we the 99% cannot expect any relief from sequestration cuts.