Mike Lee message

Official portrait of United States Senator Mik...

Official portrait of United States Senator Mike Lee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mike just can’t tell the truth. He vows to fight on. Too bad he is in office until 2016.

“The Washington Establishment can’t bring itself to believe that this is why Congress has a poor approval rating – because Washington doesn’t listen to the American people.  It ignores them.  And when the American people can no longer be ignored, the administration shuts down national parks, blocks veterans from going to their own memorials, uses the IRS to target certain groups, and holds hostage critical funding for cancer research, low-income women and children, veterans’ health benefits, border security, and our National Guard.”


LIz Cheney message

, U.S. Senator.

, U.S. Senator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portion of a fundraising message from Liz Cheney. Just imagine she calls John McCain and Olympia Snowe liberal Republicans.

“Just last week, a shadowy, out-of-state Super PAC launched a dishonest smear campaign to distort my record. Last month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee partnered with my opponent to raise money to try and stop us. This is the same Washington Establishment that endorsed Democrat Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. Liberal Republican Senators like John McCain and Olympia Snowe have endorsed my opponent. We must be doing something right if these folks are fighting so hard to preserve the status quo.”

Random violence

English: A bunch of Razor Wire atop a chain li...

English: A bunch of Razor Wire atop a chain link fence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an age of increasing random violence, how can we protect ourselves and those we love? That is the question on the minds of many after another senseless mass shooting, this time in Washington, DC. In the short-term, increasing personal and home security makes sense for those who can afford increased security. Gated or moated communities with 24 hour security surrounded by razor wire with guard dogs on land and alligators in the moats are at best a temporary solution. For every defense, there exist or will exist effective countermeasures. Effective defense on land will ultimately lead to the bad guys using aerial assault if the stakes are high enough. And there aren’t enough alligators to fill all the moats that defend against all the bad guys.

If we live in a dangerous world, and we do, short-term solutions are the opposite of what we must do in the long-term, reduce the dangers in the world rather just guard against them. Easier said than done, but let us soon begin by loving one another. We are our brother’s keeper and we are our sister’s keeper. Once we recognize our responsibilities to each other, we will spend our resources helping each other, rather than guarding against each other.

Missing the point

Institute of Mental Health 5, Nov 06

Institute of Mental Health 5, Nov 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the shooting in Washington, the Pentagon will review procedures that allowed the shooter into the Navy Yard, while Congress will focus on mental health issues. Mental health issues are the more important issue. Focusing on the shooter’s security clearance, while important, is not the central issue. Lacking a security clearance, Alexis would have chosen his victims outside the Naval facility, rather than inside. Same results, different victims.

Dear Vlad

Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Open letter to Vladimir Putin from Barack Obama.

Dear Vlad,

I caught your piece in the NY Times. Lots of good ideas and some not so good. Let’s do lunch the next time you visit Washington. My house is easy to find, and you’re welcome to drop in anytime. I’d be interested to hear your comments on how you deal with critics now as compared to how you dealt with critics while you were in the KGB.

Your friend,