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Largely overlooked yesterday was the good news that Cory Booker was elected to the US Senate from New Jersey. I have been impressed with him for some time now. He tried to live on stamps for one week to see the effects. I wish all the members of Congress were required to try to do that before they vote on a reduction of food stamp benefits. Moments ago on CNN, Senator-elect Booker quoted an old saying as to how he intended to conduct himself in the Senate, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Round 2

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala - read ho...

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala – read how I feel about Elizabeth Warren. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some on the left want Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic candidate in 2016, while former Senator Scott Brown would be a good choice for the GOP. That would produce a contest between two candidates from Massachusetts who contested a Senate election in 2012. Warren won that one, defeating Brown.

Political courage

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Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader of the United States Senate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In voting to allow a vote on the budget in the form of a continuing resolution, the Senate exhibited political courage. The House of Representatives has yet to follow suit, demonstrating a lack of political courage. Why the difference? Harry Reid is demonstrating more and better leadership skills than John Boehner, and there are more wacko birds in the House than in the Senate. In addition, only one-third of the Senators face re-election every two years, while all the House members face the electorate every two years. House districts are redrawn every ten years, while state boundaries do not change. House members face a possible gerrymandered district if their party controls state government and they do not submit to party discipline while that is not true in the Senate. Some in the GOP want to repeal direct election of Senators, giving even greater control to the states over Congress.

John McCain 2, wacko birds 0

English: John McCain official photo portrait.

English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Senate voted 79 to 19 to allow voting on the budget. Ted Cruz went down to defeat on his effort to defund Obamacare. He was right in claiming that there are more wacko birds in the Senate than John McCain thought. Fortunately for the country, they are not numerous enough to mount a successful filibuster.

@ Steak

Steak at Peter Luger's

Steak at Peter Luger’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a great deal at stake (@ steak) in the November, 2014 elections. The 1% will be trying to maintain their privileged position in US society so that they, and not we, will continue to be able to dine at Ruth Chris Steak Houses and others on designer steaks, paid for by lobbyists and the US taxpayer through tax loopholes for the rich.

Although the voters rejected the GOP in November, 2012, the GOP are acting as though they have a mandate to govern or not govern. If the GOP have their way, Obama’s re-election will be made meaningless. The time for President Obama to accomplish anything is fast running out and may end by year-end 2013 in just 5 more months. 2014 will be devoted entirely to election politics. If the GOP retain control of the House and then gain control of the Senate, they are planning to try to impeach President Obama on any pretext. Those of us who voted for Obama’s re-election in 2012 must get out the vote again in 2014 to save him and to save his agenda for the years 2015 and 2016. Barack can still fulfill his 2008 campaign promises in the final two years of his presidency with our support. Otherwise, the GOP will succeed in opposing everything for eight straight years. 3.5 more years of suffering for the American people is too horrible a fate to contemplate.