Obamacare at 50

Obamacare at age 5 years and 50 attempts to repeal. Obamacare incorporates the ideas of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, and is modeled on Romneycare. So why such opposition to a law that will cost less and probably do more good than Medicare part D, pushed and passed by GW Bush and the GOP? It’s the name Obama in Obamacare. The GOP don’t care what’s in the law; it’s the name. They are not opposed to the law; they are opposed to President Obama. The 50 attempts to repeal are not aimed at the law; they are the Right’s way of repealing the President and undoing the last two elections.

We’re not racists

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Mich...

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama dancing at the “Obama Home States Inaugural Gala.” The event took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When they insult President and Michelle Obama or disrespect the office of President, Republicans insist they are not racists. It is because Barack and Michelle are Democrats, not because they are black. When Republicans act to restrict voting rights, it is not because they are against blacks or women or gays or youth or unions or Latinos, it is because those groups tend to vote Democratic. When Republicans vote to restrict reproductive rights, it is not because they are warring on women, it is because they are pro-life. If men could bear children, then Republicans would restrict their reproductive rights too.

LIz Cheney message

, U.S. Senator.

, U.S. Senator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portion of a fundraising message from Liz Cheney. Just imagine she calls John McCain and Olympia Snowe liberal Republicans.

“Just last week, a shadowy, out-of-state Super PAC launched a dishonest smear campaign to distort my record. Last month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee partnered with my opponent to raise money to try and stop us. This is the same Washington Establishment that endorsed Democrat Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. Liberal Republican Senators like John McCain and Olympia Snowe have endorsed my opponent. We must be doing something right if these folks are fighting so hard to preserve the status quo.”

Job killers

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight on Hannity, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are promoting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Ted Cruz labels it the biggest job killer in America. In truth, the biggest job killers in America are the Republicans, particularly the TEA Party Republicans, in Congress who refuse to stimulate the economy enough to fully recover from the Bush Great Recession. Mike and Ted, look in the mirror if you really want to see the biggest job killers in America. Earlier today, I received an email from Mike Lee rescheduling a telephone town hall, apparently so that he could appear on Hannity instead.

Role reversal

I created the graph myself with data from a Pe...

I created the graph myself with data from a Pew Research Center study, taken from here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to see a different format for some of the debates among the candidates before the November, 2016, election. Assemble a group of either Democratic or Republican candidates for a panel and then assemble a group of reporters to question them. Allow the candidates to question each other and the reporters also. Don’t restrict the questions coming only from the reporters. Let’s see how much the reporters really know about the subject matter they are supposedly experts.