Rhetorical question

Bollywood dances usually follow or are choreog...

Bollywood dances usually follow or are choreographed to filmi songs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is an Indian restaurant in Ventura, California named Bollywood after the film capital of India located in Bombay, combined with Hollywood. Since Bombay is now named Mumbai, shouldn’t the Indian film industry be now referred to as Mollywood?

GOP key words

An example of The O'Reilly Factor's Talking Po...

An example of The O’Reilly Factor’s Talking Points Memo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a Republican lawmaker or a GOP talking head, the following is a list of key words to use as much as possible. The more of these words you can cram into your talking points, the better. You don’t need to make sense or tell the truth, just move your lips and make sounds. No one will notice that your thoughts are nonsense.

  • Greece
  • Hitler
  • Socialism
  • Fascism
  • Communism
  • Train wreck
  • Freedom
  • Democracy
  • Founding fathers
  • Constitution
  • Union thugs
  • Welfare cheats
  • Entitlements
  • Job creators
  • 47%
  • Obamacare
  • Islam
  • Terrorists
  • IRS
  • Benghazi
  • Fast and furious
  • Solyndra
  • Sequester

Reform the US Senate

United States Senate Seal

United States Senate Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The US Senate requires reform; it does not represent the people of the US. I would prefer to reform the Senate by increasing the number of Senators so that half of them represent their states’ populations, but that would require a Constitutional amendment. We may be required to use the nuclear option, which is the elimination of the filibuster. However, there is another method of reform which retains the filibuster and does not require a Constitutional amendment, changing state boundaries.

The western interior of the US is overrepresented in the Senate, at least in the number of Senators representing very small populations. If we merged five pairs of two small states into one larger state, that would reduce the number of Senators from 100 to 90 and reduce votes needed for cloture from 60 to 54. Merging 10 states into 5 would have a small effect on the House of Representatives, but a much greater impact on the Senate. The same effect approximately could be achieved by splitting California into 5 or more states. Either option or a combination of both is possible under the Constitution as written, no amendment required.

This is my list of states to be merged with a possible name for the combined state:

Arizona and New Mexico into Alto Mexico or Upper Mexico
Nevada and Utah into Utada or Greater Deseret
Idaho and Montana into Idana or Blue Skies
Wyoming and Colorado into Coloradoming or Mountain
North Dakota and South Dakota into Dakota


Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California (Photo credit: the_tahoe_guy)

I love California but a recent visit reminded of some of the things I don’t like, like all the signs that say no.

No smoking
No biking
No roller blades
No skateboarding
No U-turns
No left turns
No soliciting
No parking

Seems like the signs could be fewer and smaller if they just listed what is permitted, rather than what is prohibited.


85 degrees F

English: Ventura, viewed from the northwest; t...

English: Ventura, viewed from the northwest; the Ventura/San Miguelito Oil Field is in the foreground (July 31, 2009). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving through LA yesterday, my car’s thermometer registered 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When I reached my destination in Ventura on the coast the temperature was 78 degrees F. In summer in California, the coast is usually cooler and inland is warmer. In winter, it is usually reversed with the coast warmer than the interior. 85 degrees is unusually warm for January. One week ago below freezing temperatures were threatening citrus crops as far south as San Diego. An erratic jet stream is blamed for the wild swings in temperature.