Hire more dogs

Rather than a border wall and/or more border agents, the US should hire/purchase more drug-sniffing dogs to search for hidden drugs. The most recent discovery of hidden fentanyl was aided by a drug sniffing dog. More dogs would be a better, cheaper solution to the organized drug smuggling on our southern border.

Trump must go

Proof of Collusion

Proof of Collusion, How Trump Betrayed America by Seth Abramson published in 2018.

“Whatever happens, America–which has been spiritually, psychologically, and politically paralyzed by Trump’s toxic insinuation into its culture–will continue in a state of paralysis that won’t be broken until Trump’s exit from American life. And when that happens, America is likely to find that the president’s unprincipled and narcissistic reality could not be sustained at home or under the gaze of the entire world. That gaze will reveal, even more than is already evident, that the world Donald J. Trump inhabits isn’t the one most of the rest of us do.”

Guilty as charged.

Trump must go