Government shutdown part 2

The recently ended or paused government shutdown was designed to accomplish two things: provide money for a southern wall and to demonstrate that government is unnecessary. It failed to do either. Instead it adversely affected millions of Americans directly and indirectly. Long lines at the airports as TSA personnel called in sick. No matter, the Americans affected were ordinary citizens like you and me.

That went on for 34 days with no end in sight. However, on the 35th day, ground operations at LaGuardia Airport were slowed. That fact brought out the wrath of the real rulers of America, the owners of private jets. Then and only then, the GOP hastened to re-open government.

Trump must go

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross
He’s the boss
Of the Commerce Department
And a billionaire
He’s lives in a different world
From you and me
He has employees
To buy his food
To fix his meals
To clean and mend
To floss his teeth
And wipe his ass
The rich are different
He does not know
And cannot comprehend
What living from paycheck entails.

Trump must go

PR stunt? Of course it is! They all are! — High Plains Blogger

Tweet Donald Trump canceled a trip overseas by Nancy Pelosi, contending that her visit to Afghanistan is a mere “public relations” event. Wow! No sh**? Of course it was intended as a PR stunt. I mean, the speaker of the House wanted to visit with our troops who the commander in chief thrusts into harm’s…

via PR stunt? Of course it is! They all are! — High Plains Blogger