Stealth candidate


Insurance (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Mitt Romney, stealth candidate, hiding in plain sight at a charity/campaign event in Ohio to raise money for victims of hurricane Sandy. While collecting donations, Mitt refused to answer a dozen questions about his current position on FEMA. Does he still want the function returned to the states or to private enterprise, meaning insurance companies? The blue-sky estimate of the storm’s cost is $50 billion. Whether borne by the Federal government, one or more states or the insurance industry, the cost will be the same. Some of our poorer states could not afford this amount and most insurers affected would go bankrupt and/or delay payment as long as possible. In my opinion, the only fair and equitable way to handle a disaster of this size is to rely on the national government. Private charity can help, but cannot be expected to bear the main burden. I am certain that Mitt would never suggest that the US rely on help from the UN or abroad.

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